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by California Agent for Service of Process

California Mail Forwarding

If you’re hiring us as your registered agent, then you’ll probably use our address on your formation documents. It makes sense as a business decision and helps you maintain privacy. All of this has been included as part of our formation and registered agents services. If this is all you’ll need us for, we’ll never pressure you for anything else. In fact, we’ll still give you 3 free mail scans per year anyway.

But if you want more, it’s available. Take a look at both California Mail Forwarding options below, and get a unique California business address today!

Two Options for Our California Mail Forwarding Services, Each With a Unique California Business Address

You already get 3 free mail scans for your non-registered agent mail. Need more? Check out our California mail forwarding service options, each with a unique California business address!

Unique suite number + 10 more scans – $49/year

Our premium option comes with an additional 10 mail scans and gives you a completely unique suite address in our building. You can use this address for all of your business purposes. This address offers a professional and stable base that allows you the personal freedom to work from wherever you want.

If you want a stable, unique business address, but don’t intend to receive much more mail, this could be the perfect fit.

  • $49 per year
  • Unique California business address
  • 10 additional mail scans per year (plus the 3 courtesy mail scans all our clients get)

Unique suite number + 25 more scans – $99/year

With Unlimited California mail forwarding, we take care of all of your business mail needs. You get a unique business address and unlimited mail scans. As with all our services, you’ll have access to our support staff, a secure client account, and we shred your junk mail. It’s like having a mail forwarding service that you can use to expand your business into other states.

If you want a stable, unique business address, but you are also looking for more robust mail forwarding as your business scales up and expands, this is the package for you.

  • $99 per year
  • Unique California business address
  • 25 additional mail scans (plus the 3 courtesy mail scans all our clients get)
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