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1401 21st Street STE R, Sacramento, CA 95811 | (415) 422-9889
by California Agent for Service of Process

California Virtual Office

Keep your personal life and your business life completely separate with the virtual office. We‘ll provide you with a unique office suite and address in our building that you can use for all your business needs, a lease for that office, use of a shared office space, a California phone number (portable), and unlimited mail forwarding.

Unique Address and Lease — Unlimited Mail Forwarding — Portable California Phone Number — Secure Online Account

Some people just get the best, and then that’s good enough. That’s what virtual office is. If you want all of the benefits of having a stable, professional business office, but don’t want any of the massive expenses involved, then California virtual office could be for you.

For $19 a month, You Get —

May all of your dreams come true. But first, may you get a legal office lease in the state of California, a unique suite address in a professional area of town, a California phone number, and an unlimited number of mail scans. All for one monthly price.

  • Lease
    The lease we offer provides tangible proof, not a heavy commitment. We can provide one on request. It’s a legal contract for YOUR benefit. You can take it to the bank, or wherever you might need it. Month-to-month? We are happy to do that, too.
  • California Phone Number
    Protect the privacy of your personal number. You don’t want to have to abandon your cell phone number years from now because of relentless and unmanageable spam calls. Use this as your business number and forward it to any number you want. You can still take calls on your cell phone, but you’ll have the power to stop or change it at any time. It’s a pro move.
  • Unlimited Scanned Mail
    You can use the unique address we provide you for all of your business needs and know that every important piece of mail you receive will be opened, scanned, and uploaded to your secure online account on the same day we receive it. That means you never have to be tied down—your mail is always accessible at the click of a button.
  • The Best Customer Service in the Industry
    Whether it’s help with formation, registering in another state, or filing annual reports, our business experts are peerless. In addition to human beings you can call with questions, you’ll also have instant access to our catalog of state business forms and tutorials.

Signing Up is Fast

California Virtual Office takes ten minutes to sign up for, and we take care of everything else. Your new unique California business address will be ready for you to use on the day you order. It’s everything you could want in a virtual office. Just click the link below and choose Virtual Office to sign up today!

Sign Up for California Virtual Office