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by California Agent for Service of Process

Business Filing Tips in California

California Frequently Asked Questions

Agent for Service of Process vs. Registered Agent

California calls us an “agent for service of process.” Most other states call us a “registered agent.”

The forms are confusing! Any pointers for me?

You’re right, the forms can be a little confusing to read. On all filings, you do not actually list our address. All you have to do is list our legal name. Your filing WILL get rejected if you list both.

Given the current CA Secretary of State processing times, it would be insanely annoying to wait two weeks for the state to reject your filing for something silly like that.

We have all the forms you need to file, pre-populated CORRECTLY inside your online account. Please make sure to use them.

What can I do to speed up the process?

To expedite your filing, you’ll need to walk it into the Secretary of State office in Sacramento. We offer a courier service, for an additional fee, to make this happen.